In Disability Claims, You Need a Kingman Social Security Disability Attorney, Not an “Advocate.”

Kingman Social Security Disability AttorneyWe are a highly efficient small law firm with Kingman Social Security disability attorneys.  We communicate regularly with our clients, and are up to date and well familiar with their cases, so we are able to communicate with Social Security effectively about their claims.  We have found that despite its size, the Social Security Administration is well organized, and their staff is responsive.  As a result, the William Penn law firm has an excellent record in disability cases.  So as you consider whom to call to represent you in your claim, you may be assured that our firm provides that level of professional service which will give you the best chance for a disability award.

There are lots of TV ads and on the web by people who want to handle your disability claim.  Most of them are by so-called “Advocates,” but their ads rarely tell you what they are, if they are merely Advocates, and what their firms can’t do.  In fact, Disability Advocates are not attorneys at all, so they can’t represent anyone in court, which means that they can only take your case as far as the Appeals Council within the SSA.  In disability, that’s not good enough.

Most of these Disability Advocates also use a robo-phone routine, so before you ever get to talk to a real live person, you get the press-1-2-3-4 recording runaround for a good long while, and if a real person ever does take your call, it will probably be a different person each time, who may or may not be familiar with your case, and it’s unlikely you’ll even get to talk to the “Advocate” until you meet him or her on the day of your hearing.

In William Penn’s law office, while we may handle more disability cases than anyone in Northern Arizona, your calls will be answered by a human being, and your claim will be handled by well qualified Kingman Social Security Disability Attorneys and paralegals, from Application to hearing and beyond if necessary, all the way up to Federal Court, and in some cases, to the US Court of Appeal.

This is the other thing you need to know:  a “Disability Advocate” cannot represent you in court.  Most claims that go through the disability process will have a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.  Close to half of those cases get an unfavorable decision, but the claimant can then request the Appeals Council to review the ALJ’s decision.  However, if the Appeals Council denies review, which also happens a lot, that’s the end of the line for the Advocate, and only then will they tell you:  that the next step is to file a complaint in Federal Court, which an Advocate is not licensed to do.  Then it would be much harder than usual to find an attorney to even look at the case, because at that point it would require a great deal of work to review the medical records and the decision just to be able to decide whether to even take the case.  So obviously it would be better to have a Kingman Social Security Disability Attorney representing you all the way through the process.

If you want a real disability lawyer, call William Penn today at 888-338-3680, or contact us online.  Our evaluation is free, and you won’t pay us a penny unless you win an award.

In Personal Injury Cases as Well, in Arizona, California and Nevada, You Will Do Better with William Penn Representing You.

Because we are accustomed to reading and reviewing thousands of pages of medical records weekly in our disability practice, we enjoy a tremendous advantage in personal injury cases as well over law firms who only handle accident cases, because of our understanding of medical conditions, our attention to detail and the degree to which we summarize our clients’ claims, which is in far more depth than most law firms.   With our decades of legal experience, this is the kind of legal representation you want in a serious injury case, to get the most you deserve.

So if you’ve had an injury accident in Arizona, Nevada or California, whether it was a car, truck or motorcycle accident, a slip and fall or a wrongful death claim, call the Law Offices of William Penn today at 928-753-1830 or 888-338-3680, or contact us online, for a free consultation with a Kingman Social Security Disability Attorney.  And you won’t pay a penny until you win.